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Sorry about not finishing Christmas blogging! You probably don’t mind though. ūüôā


On the 2nd day of Christmas blogging, my true blog gave to me……


Two Turtle Doves…

two turtle doves

And Traditions! Today I wanted to talk about my traditions. My traditions usually start with getting the tree out, but I already told you about that so……. Every Christmas (after we get the tree), we decorate the Christmas tree. My siblings and I have gone to the same elementary school, and have a giant collection of elementary ornaments. We have so many, we have a tub full of ornaments. A week or so later, we put up stockings. Finally, on Christmas eve, we go to my grandma’s and eat Christmas dinner. She has stockings too, and she filled them for us. Once we dig through those, we open presents that are from a family member to one-another. Exhausted, we head home and try to get some sleep. But, at about 4:00, I wake up, tip-toe to the living room, and search for the lamp that is enclosed in darkness. When the lamp is on, I look at the tree and stockings. If they are full, I fish out my stocking and ¬†stare at the presents. Then I wake up my sister, so she can do the same. Then the waiting. My mom and dad wake up at 9:00, and naturally, my teen brother wakes up at 11:00 or so.

Merry Christmas!


On the first day of Christmas blogging, my true blog gave to me…..


A partridge in a pear tree…..


Just kidding!

For the first annual 12 days of Christmas Blogging, I decided to talk about decorations. For the past 5 or 6 years, we have used the same old plastic tree. This was because my mom and dad hated the idea of the messes it would make and tending to it.

This year my mom was feeling extra Christmas-y because she wanted a real tree! My dad, sister, and I went down to a nice-looking lot, and searched. We walked in the maze of trees, my choices rejected. When we reach the nobles, we found many liked trees with few flaws. I pointed a nice one, not too tall or wide, Dad liked it, but my sister hesitated. She circled as much as she could, and agreed. Dad said we should buy it. We “muttered” agreements and got the person who would help us with it. We told him it didn’t have a price tag, and asked if he could tell. My dad joked and said, “Looks like $35,” ¬†But the man said that was about right and guessed $40. We brought it up to the man who would sell it to us and tell us for sure how much it would cost. He said $45, and we jumped happily. The man who helped and guessed made the tree fit to the stand. We put it into the van and left.

Let’s back up.

My dad asked me and my sister if we wanted to pick out a tree. We said yes and went into the van. While we were driving I said we should get the tree first so we can figure out which lights would fit. We got the lights first. We searched to search for lights, and finally found it. We debated because I wanted berry lights, and dad wanted chili¬†lights, but dad settled for white berry lights. My sister said that the other berry lights were more festive because they were red and green. Ok, so lights figured out. Having a plastic tree to tall for a star, we didn’t have one. We finally found the stars. My dad wanted a cheap $10 one that didn’t even look like a star. It looked like this:


Me and my sister disagreed. I wanted the one that spun and changed colors, but we compromised and got a star that changes colors.

Bye, Merry Christmas!


11th B-day!


Today I woke up REALLY excited! I was now 11! Every year I have a Family Party and a Friend Party. Today, at my grandma’s, is my Family Party, and next week is my Friend Party.

About Me


My name is Kayla Rain.I am 11 years old, and I am In the 5th grade. If you are unfamiliar,¬†I get good grades, and love reading and art!I have another blog I’m no longer posting, called Mind of a Ten Year Old.. It’s not to good,but check it out!¬†Any questions, feel free to¬†comment!